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Selling to Facility Managers: Your Workplace Solution for FM

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The marketplace has changed and it is essential that sales and marketing professionals adjust with it. Positioning yourself as an expert in your field should now be the goal of every solution provider. During the recent recession, CEB did an extensive study that confirmed there has been a fundamental shift in the way customers buy products and services. CEB discovered that today's most successful companies challenge their clients by first understanding the needs of the workplace, and then by teaching customers about the latest innovations available, sometimes even before they have been asked to solve a specific problem.

Facility management professionals carry a tremendous responsibility each day, as they care for the built environment. 

FMs are eager to learn about the best ways to leverage new technologies and apply the latest solutions to their facilities. You must demonstrate your expertise by delivering education and information that may challenge the way building services are currently being delivered. Communicate your offering in terms that focus on the facility professional's priorities, with a clear understanding of their broader organizational goals. In due course, you will become relied upon as a valuable resource and trusted collaborator.

Are you willing to invest the time required to be an expert in not only your particular field, but that of your customer? When the opportunity arises, be prepared to "challenge" FM practitioners with information and ideas that may help identify a previously unknown need.

Disrupt the status quo by challenging it. 

Follow this strategy to more effectively communicate your company's real value for customers and be better positioned to deliver your FM industry solution. Providing innovation to the workplace will lead to strong business partnerships and long-term sales growth for your company.


Mike Petrusky - KayrellMike Petrusky is an "FM innovator" at Kayrell Connections and the founder of DC-based marketing agency Kayrell Solutions. He has a passion for elevating the facility management profession and building a culture of collaboration in the FM community. Mike is the host of "The Facility Management Innovator Podcast" on iTunes and he has served in a variety of leadership roles at the Capital Chapter of IFMA.


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