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Building Your Brand in the Facilities Marketplace

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Your company has a valuable product or service offering that will benefit the built environment. Now, if you only had the chance to tell your story to facility management decision-makers, the sales would certainly follow. But, in today's overcommunicated culture, your message is just not getting through. What to do?

Facilities professionals work incredibly hard each day to ensure critical systems are functioning and services are being delivered to the workplace.

The role of the facility manager includes a wide-range of business activities and purchasing responsibilities. When a need arises, FMs will look for trusted industry partners to help meet objectives and fulfill the requirements of a project.

Effectively promoting your company's brand and positioning yourself as an expert in the marketplace is critical to your success. To do this, you must commit to a consistent, long-term sales and marketing strategy. An integrated approach, engaging facility managers via multiple channels and a variety of contact points over a period of time, is the proven way to build relationships and earn opportunities to deliver your unique solution.

Networking, sponsorships, and exhibiting at conferences are just a few ways to build your brand and generate business leads. 

Brand messaging using a sensible mix of both new and traditional media channels will yield results when managed properly and consistently over time. Don't just talk about your company's offering, instead, work hard to deliver valuable content and educational resources to FM practitioners. Volunteer your time, share your expertise and bring ideas that solve a problem for the facility management community. When you become known as a trusted resource to your audience, the opportunities for business connections will follow.


Mike Petrusky - KayrellMike Petrusky is an "FM innovator" at Kayrell Connections and the founder of DC-based marketing agency Kayrell Solutions. He has a passion for elevating the facility management profession and building a culture of collaboration in the FM community. Mike is the host of "The Facility Management Innovator Podcast" on iTunes and he has served in a variety of leadership roles at the Capital Chapter of IFMA.


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