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Ep. 68: Workplace Experience Tools & Adopting FM Technology | Drew DePriest - Comfy

Ep. 68: Workplace Experience Tools & Adopting FM Technology | Drew DePriest - Comfy

December 19, 2017


Drew DePriest, CEM, LEED AP, WELL AP is an Account Executive at Comfy, a workplace experience app that helps to empower people to inform and control their workplace experiences through machine learning and data insights. For the first time ever, the FM innovator podcast needed to be re-recorded, so check out this “certified fresh” interview! Mike Petrusky asks Drew about workplace experience tools and the adoption of innovative technologies that can enhance the built environment.  They discuss challenges that facility managers may face when evaluating the overwhelming amount of new technologies available to them. By understanding their organization’s internal processes and identifying the needs of stakeholders in the workplace, FMs can be better equipped to make decisions. Mike and Drew reminisce about their time at the CoreNet Global Summit in Seattle and at IFMA’s World Workplace in Houston as well as the many personal connections that have been made through this podcast community, “The FM Innovator Nation”. Mike also shares his spoiler-free review of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” so be sure to reach out and let him know your thoughts about the movie!

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